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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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britton walker. see you tomorrow. be kind to one another. bye-bye. now four headlines at 4:00, number one, trump in tampa right now. his push for support hours before voters head to the polls. number two, florida presidential preference primer see tomorrow. the records are even broken throughout the sunshine state. number three, when it comes to our health, we all want the best care. what you should consider when choosing a doctor. and here's number four. >> dolphins, bald eagles is some of the wild life discovered on odyssey crews. i'll show you
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i'm josh benson. >> and aim stacie schaible. this is first at 4:00. trump spent his time in florida. >> he wrapped up a town hall at the convention center and that's where our reporter candace mccowan is. it has been tense at the rally. any violence or problems here? >>reporter: yeah, josh, stacie, good afternoon, talking over the music at the donald trump rally. there was no violence, but the program stopped several times as the protestors interrupted trump and one of them dodging the stage. law enforcement was escorting those people out. take a look behind me as trump ramps up. many people trying to get closer so they can shake his hand. earlier today, there was a warning at the beginning of this rally telling people here
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people yelling dump trump. one man charged the stage during this event, but that's not out of the norm for a trump event. trump is taking questions from the crowd earlier today, but not before he said a few comments about rubio. >> so these guys, rubio, you know -- here's what you have to do, when you get elected senator from any place whether it's florida or any place else, you've got to vote. you have to represent the people. you have to go and you have to vote and the senate is a beautiful building. you go to the building and raise your hand. right vote, wrong vote. you've got to vote. he's never there. >> as i think you heard earlier, sarah palin was at this event despite her husband's injury.
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florida attorney general pam bondi was here endorsing trump. stacie. >> all right, candace mccowan live at the tampa convention center. loud there. we appreciate your time. things did get heated between protestors and tum-- trump supporters. protestors chanted while some supporters yelled back. there were a few exchanges, but protestors said they wanted it to be peaceful. >> trump is dangerous to our community and we want to stand firmly against his message. >> god made us different and gave us a choice to make on right and wrong decisions and to hate and to cause chaos for no reason. i mean, protest as long as it doesn't come in here.
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problems between protestors and trump supporters. more than a half million absentee ballots have yet to be returned for tomorrow's preference primary, but the state is setting records for early voting in this early preference primary. we have a look at what's going on. >>reporter: the winner take all was once thought to be helpful to favorite son's jed bush and rubio, but no longer. >> we move the primary to march 15th because we knew we wanted it to be winner takes off. >> on saturday, trump tweeted twice about voter fraud in this state. belittling rubio and saying the minions are working over time. the law enforcement
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>> florida has a close primary which means -- 4,000 voters switched from independent to one of the major parties. reporting from the state capitol, i'm mike vasilinda. state -- one just after polls opened and a second after the polls closed in the panhandle. members of the hillsboro county sheriff's office took time to remember fallen deputy john cutfield. he was a founding member of the sheriff's office safety net team which helps find adults and children with special needs who have at the memorial was sarah garren who called 911 from the selmon express way seconded before that crash. she believes deputy kotfila intentionally crashed into the wrong-way driver in order to save her life. >> this man put himself in front
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absolutely. he definitely -- he definitely saw what was going on when i take a step back and look at how everything occurred, he was a human shield for us. >> kotfila was a 6-year veteran of the sheriff's office. now your first at 4 forecast. here's meteorologist julie phillips. >> thank you, josh. and we did have rain earlier this morning if you're like me, you may have woken up to the showers, but that has cleared out. and along the coast, we're seeing clear skies, blue skies at st. pete beach. 75 degrees. cooler at this location with a breeze coming off the gulf at 10 to 15 miles-per-hour. picked up 15 location. on the radar, we're tracking some clouds, but here's a loop over the last 12 hours, and you can see we did have showers streaming from west to east across the region earlier to clear up. you notice the
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the clouds have moved inland and all the rain has moved out as well. things are looking quiet for the rest of your monday night. not everyone saw the rain over the past 24 hours. you can see our southern areas and sarasota county and inland spots didn't see much in the way of rain and most of us saw less than a half inch of rain. as we head through this evening, expect temperatures for most of us to stay warm. bartow up to 88 in seabring. 86 in frostburg. tracking warm temperatures this afternoon. and for the rest of this evening, it's going to stay pretty quiet for you. a slim 10% chance of a shower and as we head into the overnight hours, temperatures will drop back into the upper 60s. we'll have more on your work week forecast coming up in a few minutes. still ahead on first at 4:00. >> the voice is back tonight with a final round of blind auditions. then onto the battle
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and how one coach and their adviser are mentally preparing. it's a 2-hour round trip boat ride to a deserted island but it's not gilligans island. coming up, i'll show the wild life we discovered to glove-- clove
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now, let's take a look at your headlines from hollywood. >> laughter may not be the best medicine, but it may help those who need it. david daniel has more in the hollywood minute. >> the brother's grimsey earned north of $3 million. that was the worst debut of the weekend's four new wide releases and the
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>> he's helping veterans with post traumatic stress. a david lynch foundation for veterans with ptsd, april 30th in new york. russell brand and other comedians raise money for the foundation which will teach the vets mental meditation. >> i never found anyone who wanted to hear my story. >> the u.s. prince won't land in theaters. paramount dropped its distribution of the classic story which was flatted to debut friday. the film's director tweeted it will open in canada and another distributor will launch in the u.s. later this year. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. the "voice" wraps up the final blind competition. >> the one you saw is -- malik will go toe to toe with brian of brooklyn new york. they'll be singing "it's a mad word."
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kristina aguilar as dao-- >> i don't like to tell people yes or no. i like to tell them yes, but i don't like to say you were okay vocally. it's hard. it's very hard. >> it has been effortless for her. don't be fooled. >> thank you. >> the rest of the mentor roster includes sean combs for team pharrell and team kelly. the "voice" airs by 8:00 followed by "blind spot" and stay tuned for news owe there's a way to maintain a healthy balance. we have relaxation tips coming up. also ahead, a nascar finish.
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we'll be right back. stay with
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joining this now for another look at our beautiful florida weather. notice the humidity sneaking back in. >> san diego was it. >> spring break. >> it was awesome. >> come back to nice weather. you're winning. >> i am winning. >> that's why you notice the humidity. >> i'm jealous. i got to get outside more. the weather has been nice. there's no reason you can't get a tan outside. >> it has been gorgeous. clouds and rain earlier today. that has moved out, but we had showers weekend late this evening and other parts of the country had rough weather. check out this funnel cloud that was spotted near grady, arkansas on sunday. a swoth of bad storms hit the state and they reported several down trees, power lines and the national weather service is investigating damage across various parts of the state, and you can see impressive video coming out of arkansas.
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have severe weather in the tampa bay area, and it's going to be quiet for the next couple of days, but our rain and storm chances are coming back into the forecast at the end of the week and the timing again as we head into this weekend. we're going to see our rain chances come up. if you're on spring break this week, enjoy it now. today is going to be a nice day. if you're going to the beaches, temperatures in the upper 70s. the gulf into the low 70s, so slowly starting to warmup. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds through the day, but we could see some sea fog in the coast. some areas could deal with that more than others tomorrow. on our satellite and radar image, it's quiet and a few showers that has been develop nothing the inland spots, but these are pushing out. the majority of us looking at dry conditions for the rest of your monday evening. temperatures have been warm especially as you head inland. we're looking at upper 80s on
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87 in seabring and lake placid. cooler near the coast. 78 in st. pete and 79 in sarasota. so here's what we're looking at for the rest of this week. you can see quiet conditions as we head into tuesday for us. mostly sunny skies. as we head into wednesday, we start to see the clouds develop, and there's the front. it's expected to stall out north of our area as we head into friday, potentially increasing our rain chances and the area of low pressure develops as we head into saturday. this is when we have the best chance of rain. if you have outdoor plans this saturday, keep in mind at this point that's the best chance to see shower and storms through the day. i know this weekend is the macdill air fest. unfortunately on saturday, we're expecting storms to develop. temperatures in the upper 70s. that's pleasant, but at this point, we're looking at a 50% chance of storms on saturday. sunday, still looking at lingering rain through the morning hours, but notice temperatures dropping. we're
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this next system. until we see rain moving through, pollen counts are high. high as we head through the rest of next week. for the rest of this evening, 73 degrees a few clouds around. isolated inland showers. most of us looking at dry conditions. as you wake up tomorrow morning, 68 degrees. areas of sea fog like i mentioned and temperatures above average. by the afternoon hours, it will be mostly sunny. we'll top out near 80 and notice if you're on spring break, beach weather the next couple of days, but as we head into friday and this weekend, that's when our rain chances go up especially on saturday. guys. and this week real ly marks the beginning of spring break for a couple of bay area counties which means from now through april, spring breakers will be taking over our local beaches. anthony allred shows us the bay area has more than beaches to offer.
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>>reporter: it was a good day to go boating and see all the sites off the sponge tarpon springs. >> welcome to tarpon springs, everyone. the sponge diving capital of the world. >> alisa wilson is what you would call a certified florida naturalist which means she can tell you all there is to know about wild life. >> look to the right on top of the long leaf pine tree. see the great blue there. raptured -- they're smaller. they can have up to a 6-foot wingspan. we watch offsprings pluck them out of the water all the time. if that is not impressive, i don't know what is. >> we'll start with this one. you guys familiar with this one. >> you can't have a tarpon springs boat tour without learning about their most precious resource. >> what do you use to water with? this. it's one of the more expenses sponges you'll find.
4:22 pm
last you between 8 and 15 years. >> $15 years. >> there were a lot of sight to be seen on this tour. just at every turn, dolphins. >> we try to make it fun and educational at the same time. our main objective is to see life. >> in addition to seeing the dolphins, the eagles, one of my favorite parts of the tour was when we pulled up to an island in the middle of nowhere. >> welcome to the state preserve. the island. >> the island was great. a lot of shells and interesting things to see out there. if you want to swim, you can swim. but i like that it was just a lot of different things you don't normally see on the beach. >> the tour lasted a little over two hours but the memories will last a lifetime. >> we have seen hammer heads so we get big sharks.
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the necessary software for free. americans are enjoying a low amount when it comes to going to the pump, but the last time you made it there, you may have noticed prices have gone up. there's two reasons for the hike. oil has come off its low of $27 a barrel. it's now trading around $37 a barrel. and second, we fineries around the nation have started making the summer blend fuel. as the national average starts to creep closer to $2, it's still up $0.52 a gallon than what it was last march. >> we love that. an ncaa bracket made it way -- a 2016 bracket appeared on twitter in the ncaa election show on cbs. whoops. according to an es pshgs pn article, frank martin learned of his team during a
4:26 pm
the ncaa is investigating to figure out how that happened. the 312-mile race for the nassau -- this happens quite a bit. kevin nicked karl edwards in the international race way. it was impossible to tell who won in real time, but check this out. there you go. it showed a photo fin ish and it was harvick by a nose. this was the closest finish in that track's history. wow. you may be among millions people who will be distracted by college hoops this week. a record estimates that -- watching games will cost employers $4 billion in pro-- in productivity it may be a low estimate. lakeland gets its first female fire marshal. >> we're going to introduce you
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now four headlines at 4:30, number one, former president clinton hits -- campaigning for his wife. number two, governor scott you'll hear what he has to say about muslims hating america. number three, if you build it, they'll come. the boost one business owner sees in ybor. honey bees in danger. a virus putting them in harm's way. a look at what's being done to protect them. there's not much time left before florida primary. they're trying to sway last minute voters. >> clinton's husband bill clinton stopped by to campaign for his wife and reporter matt
4:31 pm
building with the latest. >>reporter: he campaigned for his wife hillary in ahead of today's primary. he towered his wife's plans for issues like equal pay, gun control and college affordable. >> if you need your tuition paid, you can get - if you need more, you can get that. everybody should be able to work ten hours a week in work study. it won't kill you and that will keep tuition cost and college cost down if we do that. >> the visit was one of three stops former president clinton made on monday throughout florida. reporting in tallahassee, i'm matt galka. >> clinton had rallies planned in winter park at 7:45. we're on your side with complete team cover anl of the florida primary. you can watch a special one-hour edition of news
4:32 pm
will be -- we'll have all the results. tomorrow night at 11:00. he tap danced around the subject in an awkward interview on msnbc. rick scott answered the tough question about muslims hating america. visit be kobe -- more than a million jobs since december of 2010. scott tackled that issue head on. the governor is on a five-city victory tour celebrating a billion dollars in tax cuts over the past two years. he didn't want to answer the muslim question last week, but today he did. >> islam does not like america. we have some people who love us and some people who don't love us. i don't think it's a surprise that radical islam doesn't love us. >> the governor and other politicians praised kobe marketing for planning to hire 255 more people. that number
4:33 pm
a bay area business is getting national attention and generating a lot of new customers. the blind tiger is a coffee shop in ybor city that started as a boutique to sell a lot of clothing. torres decided to make the clothing shop the anchor store for his black and denim clothing line. there was a question whether they could work in the same location and they has. the store was featured on msnbc. >> it was amazing. i think the opportunity that are national platform allows any small we developed an opportunity to connect with people that we brand new customers. >> the concept for the business has taken off. torres opened up a second store in seminole heights and plans to open another store in south tampa. lakeland has a new fire marshal and she's making history. today the lakeland
4:34 pm
in ceremony for cheryl edwards. she's the first female fire marshal. she's work on investigations and inspections. she's the first woman to take on any leadership role in the department. >> it's exciting to make history. there are a lot of women that are fire marshals. for lakeland, this is historic. >> she joined the lakeland fire department back in 2004 and most recently served as an inspector and investigator. she spent time as the public information officer. let's check your first at 4 weather. here's meteorologist julie phillips. >> we picked up a quarter inch of rain. the religion-- the rain has -- back into the low 80 this afternoon with a breeze out of the southwest. for the rest of this evening, expect overall partly cloudy skies depending on exactly where you're located.
4:35 pm
temperatures sit nothing the mid-70s. a few clouds lingering into the overnight hours and areas of fog will develop. areas of sea fog and regular fog expected tomorrow morning. you'll wake up with temperatures in the upper 60s, but besides that, we should see plenty of sunshine through the day. we'll top out near 80 tomorrow afternoon. so not too bad. a little above average for this time of year and we'll keep it mostly sunny and no rain expected for tuesday. looking dry. if you're thinking about heading to spring training, both looks great. blue jays verses the -- upper 70s to begin the game and no rain just don't forget the sun screen. we'll keep dry conditions in the forecast for the next couple of days, but our rain chances will go up as we head into weekend. we'll have a closer look at the rain chances coming up in your full forecast. guys. and 8 is on your side with what you need to know to plan your morning commute.
4:36 pm
leslee leslee with a look at tomorrow 's -- here's lisa leslee. >> i want to remind you about grand prix road work. here's the general zone of where things are located. all around the airport area and this should be all completely wrapped up by april the 3rd. over the next couple of weeks, you're going to see closures and construction going on as they tear down the track. keep that in mind by downtown st. pete. you can connect with me on facebook and follow me at leslee lacey on twitter. >> you can catch leslee lacey starting at 4:00 a.m. still ahead on first at 4:00. >> pre-made meals makes life easier, but are they healthy for you. a registered dietitian weighs in on that coming up. and you want to stick around
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stories. the hulk hogan sex tape is -- they decided why they decided to publish this tape. a polk county couple legally married is still fighting for equality. the trouble they're running into as they prepare to
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welcome back for a look at celebrity news. here's the host of hollywood today live. >> i'm kristin. >> and i'm tanner home son from hollywood today life. this is the daily wrap. the kid's choice award hosted by blake shelton took place this weekend and we were there. tons of people got slammed including blake but we avoid the mess. the muppets walked away with favorite tv show. >> good one.
4:41 pm
it was number one weekend. the animated hit starring jason baitman and jennifer took in 50 million bones or dollars worldwide. it has made over $400 million and ten clover field came in second with $25.2 million in ticket sells. "the force awakens", star wars star john came in consume as his care fin granting the wish of a 5-year-old patient who wanted fin to meet the kids at the hospital. they passed out toys and stayed in character through the entire visit. he'll be back in star war's episode's 8. >> that's the daily wrap. she's back for today's send it to stacie. >> i came back to pictures i want to share. these are your pictures we share at 4:00 on news channel 8. starting with this beauty shop from jacob who shared a shot from howard park in tarpon springs.
4:42 pm
it just simplicity. i like it. bradshaw has a cat she likes to show off. a name like tatetot, he deserves to be on camera. this is mike -- sporting a mohawk. i guess it was intentional. an otheredle with a mohawk. this is tikie the lab doer. can you guess his team. carol says that dog love s the tampa bay lightning and so do we. go bolts. tomorrow, i have a few pictures from my san diego trip. from the zoo -- >> was it fun? >> it was great. >> san diego zoo, i've been there. it's cool. >> it was my first time. >> put them on tomorrow and check it out. >> you can send it to stacie by tweeting send it to stacie and
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facebook page. we'll be right
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a global epidemic is killing honey bees worldwide and it's making its way through florida. it causes a bee to grow with deformed wings making it unable to pollinate. researchers are seeing more and more cases like this in florida and they're worried about the problem getting worse because bees are vital to growing the food we eat. >> it's a big issue. if we don't find out what's killing the bees and cause this die off, our food prices are going to get very high. >> researchers are working very hard to find a solution. officials say you can help, i guess, if you dare by raising your own bee colonies to contribute to the bee population. pre-made meals make life easier, but are they worth it. haleigh spoke with a dietitian to find out. >> if i have someone that come in and says they love to cook, that's not the norm.
4:47 pm
meals to go and the convenience looks better. >> the bonus of these prepared foods is they're ready to go. >> packed with turkey, salmon, that's what we're supposed to eat, but dietitian says if it's loaded with potatoes, it's wrong. >> the grill chicken, it's the appropriate size. it's the size of your palm. but calorie wise, we don't know how the potato salad was prepared. nutrition level. >> our goal is close to 1500. this is two thirds of our sodium for the day. >> if you go for no sodium or soy sauce, she's -- >> each piece is 40 calories so the whole meal is 400 calories and you have your protein and carbohydrates and vegetable. >> pre-made, prepackaged at take
4:48 pm
>> most of the companies are sodium conscious so the sodium will be lower and the food fresher for the most part. there's a lot of variety and diversity. >> good stuff there. most of us remember that good old chalk board our teachers used to use. smart boards are making their way into classrooms in sarasota county. the school approved a $10 million budget to purchase active panels, they're called. they operate remotely and the maintenance cost is low. >> allows the teacher and the student to have two-way interaction with each other. >> i can see it and come up to the board and i learn better, i think. >> this generation, most of the kids have electronic devices so they know how to work them.
4:49 pm
county school district will have one by the year 2018. the european space agency is on a mission to explore mars and hunt for signs of life on the red planet. the unman exo mars plan was launched aboard a rocket and expected to reach mars in october. the probe consists of an orbit to analyze gases in mar's atmosphere and a small lander to put a rover on the surface in 2018. the agency says traces of methane has -- the mother teresa is declared a saint. she's known for her humanitarian work. she cared for the poorest of the poor in india and given official approval to be declared a saint tomorrow. pope francis signed on the miracle needed for saint hood last december. the miracle
4:50 pm
involves the inexplicable cure of a brazilian man suffers from brain tumors in 2008. today, felt worldwide. we have a check of our forecast. we start with meteorologist julie phillips. weather. yesterday. >> some this morning. night. >> it was great for the grand prix because they were able to get that in for the gulf >> good. >> the rain clear and we'll have spring break. a different view in different spots this afternoon. some places holding onto the clouds longer. the plantation on crystal river, you it's 79 degrees right now. but as we take a look at other spots, we're not seeing as much cloud cover. you can see from frenchies out to clearwater beach, beautiful clear skies this afternoon with temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s.
4:51 pm
this location, pick upped one hundredths -- not all of the rain is over with for the rest of the evening. temperatures looking good for us. holding steady in the low 80s. this began on our emoji man. he's going to see more rain around as we head into this coming weekend and behind our next system, temperatures falling below average. we get a cool down as we head into next week. want to talk about fog we're going to deal with. some may notice there's moisture in the air and humidity and with an onshore flow, we're dealing with sea fog and regular fog tomorrow morning. notice at 3:30 a.m., we're starting to see some of that developing and it could be fairly thick throughout the day tomorrow, past the morning commute, that clears up. by 9:00, 10:00 a.m., the sun will as you're shouldn't be too bad. we might have a light sprinkle to begin with.
4:52 pm
head into the afternoon. currently, you can see a little cloud cover around, but many the showers we've seen earlier are pushing we head. as we head through the rest of tonight, we'll see maybe a very isolated inland shower. we don't think we'll see as much as this forecast model is it's looking quiet as you wake up tomorrow morning, we'll see areas of fog developing. sea fog along the coast. and could be dealing with inland fog for your evening commute. temperatures mild, but with extra moisture around, can't rule out a light sprinkle on the windshield as you head to work tomorrow morning. if you're on spring break, by the time you're getting up, that will be clearing out. we're left with sunshine for the afternoon hours. temperatures close to 80 degrees and mostly dry conditions to end the day. for st. patrick's day, of course, that is coming up quickly. on
4:53 pm
if you plan to celebrate, starting off in the morning hours, fog in the -- mostly clear as we head into this evening and they'll be dying the river green on saturday. currently, temperatures very warm especially as you head inland. 83 currently atkins. milder along the coast. it's warm across the south currently from march. 87 in houston. pretty mild as you head north. not too bad. 5 3 in chicago for march. not too rough. for the rest of this evening, a few clouds lingering. can't rule out a small shower in our inland spots tomorrow morning. maybe a sprinkle, but we'll see fog around. it could be thick in spots and slowdown your commute by the afternoon hours. we'll top out near 80. it will be mostly sunny and winds coming out of the southwest. pretty much dry the next couple of days.
4:54 pm
our next system as we head into saturday. so best rain chances over the days ahead will be for this coming weekend. mainly saturday lingering into sunday morning. julie thank you. coming up, you may think you're a clothed horse, but this guy has you fooled. >> a look at this masterpiece when first at 4 returns. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching news channel 8, the station that's always on your side. tonight at 11:00, it's a search for hope. >> i'm expecting to [indiscernible]. i've been trying to stay strong for the kids. >> the mother's emotional words.
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>> beginning with a viral video of a horse in a suit. yes, we've seen a lot of well dressed cats and dogs, but if you have seen a horse look this snazy. check out this horse in a 3-piece suit. it was designed by celebrity stylist emma. it took four weeks for her and her team to make it. they used more than 49 years of tweed. that's ten times more to make a human suit. >> what do you think the horse thinks? >> it's fine. >> it's national pie die. the not the kind you eat. the date mimics the first three digits of the mathematical pi. pits saturday chains are offering
4:59 pm
since my mother makes the best pie, i think she -- the kids were playing on the field when things took a turn. the bull escaped and invaded the field. the bull slowly walked out from the woods, but then as you saw, picked up speed chasing down a player who somehow managed to dodge the bull. the animal then turned around and ran right back into the woods. no one was injured. >> unreal. well, and to see what's trending right now, get updates between newscast, you can go to >> we have much more news coming your way. into channel 8 at 5:00 with jen and keith starts right now. donald trump speaks in tampa and protestors make their voice heards. things get nasty in the hogan's trial. what happened
5:00 pm
video was on the stand. they're parents to their son but one has parental rights. how a gay couple is fighting for equality. i'm jen holloway. >> trump is the lead tonight. spending the day before the primary in tampa. he wrapped up a rally downtown. hanna is joining us at the tampa center. a lot of people -- some didn't get in. he draws a big crowd and he drew security today. on high alert candace. >>reporter: absolutely, keith. security was tight here after several events over the weekend where there were violence at his rally and on the stage behind me where trump was speaking, secret service had a tight perimeter while he was speaking. trump sparked out this convention center hall withstanding room only at the edges of the room. at the beginning, another endorsement. this time from


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